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Roots Bangla started as a networking based Event & communication content development Company on the urge of consciousness, not for business only – but also for creating the values that could help the society for its better progress. We believe that – insightful understanding of human being & its diversity – MICRO CULTURE & identifying GLOBAL COMMONS is the way of deeper communication. We believe also the communication skill grows by conscious interaction with people & societal stratum through diversified perspective. Further we believe, this is the continuous authentic source of ideas & concepts that cultivate creative activities.


Though Roots Bangla has started its formal operation recently but it has a long virtual journey of core mates of diversified arena. This organization has become already a platform of intellects & skills from different discipline to improve self thoughts & skills that could serve better for the client & society. Roots Bangla is strengthen by—

  1. Local network between 64 district
  2. A vast networked between the scholars of arts & literature, science, environmental science, social & development science, Business & Marketing scholars and other discipline. It gives us a quality to identify the real valued content from the mass through using multi-dimensional perspective.
  3. Network between Audio Visual Makers, Artist, Animators, Graphics & photographers, Journalist of different genre.
  4. Strategic alliance with Research organizations, Institutions, Faculties, Cultural organizations & groups, Audio –visual Technical Houses.